Snorkel mask can be ordered with HD sports camera

Diving mask with GoPro attachment Integrated snorkel to breathe naturally Dry Top Snorkel to prevent water from entering Easy diving mask all over your face Field of view of 180 ° Ventilation concept to prevent sealed glass Striking snorkel pipe for 4x better visibility Colors: blue, green & pink Compatible with: Go Pro action camera Not suitable for diving Sizes: S / M & Large Material: Unbreakable Polycarbonate Glass & Medical Liquid Silicone
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How convenient is this snorkel mask! You can breathe while you snorkel. With this mask you can see up to 180 degrees around you. So you can see a lot. What makes this mask complete is that you can connect an HD sports camera or your own GoPro. So you can film the amazing underwater world while relaxing snorkeling. • Waterproof to 10 meters • 180 degree view • GoPro connection Delivery time 12, -14 working days The HD sports camera is silver colored if you ordered it extra

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